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Booking Flights – Tricks of the Trade

Below are a few tips that have worked for me when booking trips on my various travels. 1.  Use Miles or Points It goes without saying that using reward points is the one of the easiest ways to obtain free travel.  If you don’t have miles or points, the quick

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How to Screw Up a Car Rental

Lessons Learned: Credit Card Rental Insurance is not as clear cut as all these travel blogs make it look.Responsibility to pay for damage is yours – regardless of fault – if you rent a vehicle.Rental Agreement must have same name as name of purchaser, especially if paying with points.Avoid Oahu,

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Alaska Things To Do

The tourism website breaks down the state into 5 areas:  Southeast & Inside Passage, Far North & Arctic, South Central, Interior, and South West.  Flying into Anchorage is likely the most convenient and gives you a good base to adventure from.  The tourism website has a tremendous amount of

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Great Hiking Adventure Ideas

Hikes to consider if you’re inclined to go do a walk-about or a just some ideas on famous trails that the average hiker could do. 1. Peru – Inca Trail -May to September – up to 43k and 4 day trail to the forgotten city of Machu Picchu.  You can

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Hiking Kilimanjaro Basics

Tips for Hiking Kilimanjaro There are 6 routes to the top, with 4 primary ones that tour operators use.  Typical length is 5 to 6 days worth of hiking for the trip, if going with a tour group. Courtesy of G Adventures

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Colorado Adventure Ideas

List of Adventures to do in Colorado Rafting  The rafting season spans from late spring to early fall.  Although popularity has declined over the last decade, this experience is often a enjoyable experience, especially for those who have never gone rafting.  The Arkansas river is the primary river for rafting,

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