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How to Start A Blog

The hardest part of blogging maybe just getting started.  It was for me anyways.  I’m hoping you can learn from my mistakes and just get started already!  Blogging can change your life and only costs a few dollars a month. Technology makes everything simpler, but knowing where to start is

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Travel Tips

In the broadest possible strokes, here are a few high-level travel tips that have significantly reduced costs/hassle associated with my travels. Air Transportation  Skyscanner – pick the flexibility option and explore the possibilities.  Discount Airlines – just get over to europe anywhere and figure it out from there with a

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Travel Resources

Below are a list of travel sites that I use on a regular basis.  Sites that provide practical travel help and great insight.  If you have one you use yourself that is not mentioned, please feel free to add in the comments below. Loyalty Traveler – Publishes monthly, a listing of

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Top Adventures to Do in New Zealand

List of some fun, adventurous things to do and places to explore in New Zealand. Articles related to New Zealand: WSJ – Anger Over Tourists Swarming Vacation Hot Spots Sparks Global Backlash  

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