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Greatest Hikes in the World – Top 50

Hikes to consider if you’re inclined to go do a walk-about or a just some ideas on famous trails that the average hiker could do. 1. Peru – Inca Trail -May to September – up to 43k and 4 day trail to the forgotten city of Machu Picchu.  You can

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Hiking Kilimanjaro Basics

Tips for Hiking Kilimanjaro There are 6 routes to the top, with 4 primary ones that tour operators use.  Typical length is 5 to 6 days worth of hiking for the trip, if going with a tour group. There are multiple tour operators, including G Adventures, which offers multiple group

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Colorado Things To Do

List of Adventures to do in Colorado Rafting  The rafting season spans from late spring to early fall.  Although popularity has declined over the last decade, this experience is often a enjoyable experience, especially for those who have never gone rafting.  The Arkansas river is the primary river for rafting,

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Iceland Adventures

Iceland Adventures The land of wonder and awe.  Airfare is cheap; however, expect high prices for everything else involved with your trip.  Below is a list of some fun, adventurous things to do and places to explore in Iceland. 1. Bike Packing Trip Cycling adventure around Iceland’s ring-road. Check out for

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How to Start A Blog

The hardest part of blogging maybe just getting started.  It was for me anyways.  I’m hoping you can learn from my mistakes and just get started already!  Blogging can change your life and only costs a few dollars a month. Technology makes everything simpler, but knowing where to start is

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Travel Tips

In the broadest possible strokes, here are a few high-level travel tips that have significantly reduced costs/hassle associated with my travels. Air Transportation  Skyscanner – pick the flexibility option and explore the possibilities.  Discount Airlines – just get over to europe anywhere and figure it out from there with a

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