Travel Resources

Below are a list of travel sites that I use on a regular basis.  Sites that provide practical travel help and great insight.  If you have one you use yourself that is not mentioned, please feel free to add in the comments below.

Travel Sites

Loyalty Traveler – Publishes monthly, a listing of major chain hotel promotions.

The Points Guy – Publishes travel advice related to news, reviews (flights, credit cards, hotels), guides (to every loyalty program), and videos.

One Mile At A Time – Travel Blog run by Ben/Lucky

Nomadic Matt – New York Times best selling author who initially traveled the world on $50 a day and publishes travel guides.

Secret Flying –  Travel blog that somehow manages to find all the great flying deals.  

Lonely Planet – Publishes guidebooks on travel destinations and travel advice and articles.

Alan Arnette Blog– Mountain Climber and Everest updates

Saving Money On Travel

Ebates – Cash Back website that can give you a big discount on sites.  Sometimes they run specials like the one on the left.

Priority Pass – Not sure how I managed to travel before this pass came to be.  Can be obtained through a credit card.  Access thousands of lounges and restaurants world-wide with this pass at airports.  

Travel Reading/Listening

A bit of strategy and lessons learned from the Dutch Iceman  Wim Hoff.  

This book will make you want to run a marathon!  A fascinating look into the super-runners of Mexico called the Tarahumara.