An Easier Way to Adventure

This App is an adventure marketplace; making it easier for adventure seekers and companies to do business together

No Booking System This is a simple app – use what already works for you to make reservations. 

Vouchers – Sell an adventure voucher.  Set restrictions/cancellation policy as you choose.  

Low Cost – Ten percent commission only on a sale.  No sales = No cost to you.

Easy to Integrate – Stripe is used for payments.  You will need to sign up for a stripe account if you don’t have one, but that’s about it.

Easy to Redeem Vouchers – When the customer arrives, click your profile tab, find their name and click redeem.

Discover Screen

  • Near me location search only.  To search a different location, move the map with your fingers.  
  • Category search in search box.  Type Rock Climbing, Skydiving, Surfing, etc in the search box to find that category.
  • Filter results by Activity, Lesson, or Rental.

Chat Screen

  • Click the blue button in the middle to chat with the business using Messenger.
  • Arrange date and time to use voucher using Messenger Chat or other ways like phone or email.


  • Sell a voucher for use on a specific adventure.  For example:
    • Surfing:  Surfboard day rental or 2 Hr. Surfing Lesson
    • Rock Climbing:  Gym day pass.
    • Skydiving:  Beginner tandem jump or experienced jump.
  • Vouchers do not expire
  • Voucher restrictions/cancellation policy must be clearly communicated in the description section of the voucher. 

Questions? Please contact Mike at