Sell Adventures – Chat with Customers – Contactless Payments

This adventure marketplace is designed to make it easier for adventure seekers to find adventure businesses. That’s pretty much it. Finding adventures, comparing prices, and contactless payments all wrapped together in one simple app.

Adventures offered include the following basic types. Customers can always upgrade your adventure with the company. Each adventure type has a basic description like those below. Please contact with any description suggestions. 

Skydiving:  Tandem Day-Pass – Price includes one jump, tethered to an instructor. Must be 18+. Additional charge may apply for participants above a weight limit.

Surfing:  Day Rental or Lesson – Price includes 1 soft top board rental for the day. For an Epoxy board, you can be pay extra upon arrival at the Surf Shop.

Paddle Boarding:  Day Rental or Lesson – Price includes 1 Paddle Board rental for the day.  

Rock Climbing:  Day Rental – Price includes harness rental and access to the gym for the day. Shoes can be purchased for extra upon arrival at the climbing facility.

Mountain Biking:  Day Rental – Price good for one hard-tail mountain bike for the day, from opening to 5pm. Each rental includes a helmet, fix-a-flat kit, and lock. Shoes and water bottles are extra.

Kayaking:  Day Rental – Price includes a single sit-on-top kayak rental for one day. Life vest included. Extra charge for a double kayak.

Helicopter:  Basic Tour – Price includes a 20+ minute flight over a scenic local location. Pay extra upon arrival for longer flights or special itineraries.

App Basics

No Booking System –  Use what already works for you to make reservations. Vouchers can be redeemed in the app.

Flexibility – Redeem the voucher after scheduling a time for the customer to go on the adventure. Cancellation policy up to the company and should be clearly communicated at the time of booking.

Low Cost – Fifteen percent commission only on a sale.  No sales = No cost to you.

Money Up Front – Stripe is used for payments.  You receive the money immediately upon purchase.

One Click Redemption – When the customer schedules with you, click your profile tab, find their name and click redeem.

App Screenshots

Discover Screen

  • Near me location search is the default.  To search a different location, move the map with your fingers.
  • Category search in search box.  Type Rock Climbing, Skydiving, Surfing, etc in the search box to find that category.
  • Filter results by Activity, Lesson, or Rental.

Chat Screen

  • Click the blue button in the middle to chat with the business using the Messenger Chat App.
  • Arrange date and time to use adventure voucher using Messenger or other ways like phone or email.

Adventure Voucher Screen

  • Company receives money immediately when voucher is purchased.  The voucher is redeemed with a click of a button in the profile screen when they arrive in person.
  • Vouchers do not expire.
  • Vouchers are all subject to normal availability.  Customers are expected to communicate with you via phone or via Messenger to make a booking with this voucher.
  • Voucher cancellation policy is the same as the company policy.  Any refunds can be sent back via Stripe.

App Sign-Up Basics

To add your business and voucher, please follow this 3 step process:

1. Connect Facebook

2. Connect Stripe

3. Add Adventure Vouchers

1. Connect Facebook – Log into the app and click Continue with Facebook.  This connects your account with the Messenger App and your Facebook Page.

2. Connect Stripe – Log into or Sign up for Stripe account with the blue link below. You will need to be signed into facebook to connect your account with stripe.  We use Stripe to accept/process payments.  Customer payments will be sent to your Stripe account. Click the blue button below to start the process.

3. Add Adventure Vouchers – Fill out the form below to add your adventure voucher.  Once received, a team member will add it to the App.

(This email connects you to the Messenger App when you log into Facebook - likely the admin email of the person that set up the Page)