Rental Car Mistakes

Lessons Learned:

  • Credit Card Rental Insurance is not as clear cut as all these travel blogs make it look.
  • Responsibility to pay for damage is yours – regardless of fault – if you rent a vehicle.
  • Rental Agreement must have same name as name of purchaser, especially if paying with points.
  • Avoid Oahu, Hawaii Towing Lot Mafia
  • Avoid Hertz in Oahu
  • Know Uninsured provision of personal rental insurance.


I landed in Oahu with the intention of exploring the city for three days on foot/public transport, and then renting a car for couple days to explore the rest of the island.  The plane was booked to leave in two days, so I thought it would be easy just to drop off the car on the way out of town.  So the story begins.

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Travel Mistakes

Lesson Learned:  Make and Hide multiple Back-Up Keys.

Lesson:  All I wanted to do was go home. So, I stuffed my items in my bag at my friend’s house and drove to the airport for the 1AM red-eye to get back home. Upon landing around 4AM, I took the Uber back home. Upon arriving however, I discovered that in my rush to leave, the keys had been mistakenly forgotten back at my friend’s house.


So, not to worry, I have a backup key under the flowerpot. But, looking at the pot, it was clear that this plan had failed to anticipate -10 degree frozen ice and a foot of snow. That pot was frozen to ground hard and was not moving.

Time to break into my house.

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