Great Hiking Adventure Ideas

Hikes to consider if you’re inclined to go do a walk-about or a just some ideas on famous trails that the average hiker could do.

1. Peru – Inca Trail -May to September – up to 43k and 4 day trail to the forgotten city of Machu Picchu.  You can also just hike for a couple hours up the mountain to get to Machu Picchu or for that matter, take a bus to the entrance

2. USA Pacific Coast Trail (PCT) – 2663 miles – months – summer months – Washington, Oregon, California

3. USA Appalachian Trail – Georgia to Maine – 2,185 miles – summer months

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Colorado Adventure Ideas

List of Adventures to do in Colorado


The rafting season spans from late spring to early fall.  Although popularity has declined over the last decade, this experience is often a enjoyable experience, especially for those who have never gone rafting.  The Arkansas river is the primary river for rafting, and access is about 2-3 hours from Denver, primarily along Highway 24/285, between Canon City and Buena Vista.  The Colorado River also serves as a worthy choice and runs west of Denver along I-70 2-4 hours between about Vail and Grand Junction.  The Gunnison, Yampa, and other rivers also offer water recreation options.

A couple tour operators:

Arkansas River – Royal Gorge, Bighorn Sheep Canyon, Cottonwood Family Float, and Guided Fishing trip options available at Arkansas River Tours.

Colorado River – Glenwood Canyon is also a family-friendly option.

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Iceland Adventure Ideas

Iceland Adventures

The land of wonder and awe.  Airfare is cheap; however, expect high prices for everything else involved with your trip.  Below is a list of some fun, adventurous things to do and places to explore in Iceland.

1. Bike Packing Trip

Cycling adventure around Iceland’s ring-road. Check out for more information.

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